Natural remedies for Hemorrhoids

imagesHemorrhoids are caused by distended veins around the rectum. They are a source of constant pain, discomfort and irritation. Hemorrhoids are common during pregnancy and obesity. Constipation or prolonged periods of sitting aggravate this condition. Though bleeding hemorrhoids are a lot more distressing than the milder forms, both these types respond well to natural remedies. Natural remedies are easy to find, and some are frequently found in your kitchen cupboard. These remedies are soothing and offer immediate and lasting relief.

Natural, calming remedies for hemorrhoids


garlicGarlic is an excellent natural remedy for hemorrhoids. Packed with sulfur, enzymes,
amino acids and minerals, it helps soothe the inflammation and discomfort naturally. Crushed garlic can be applied to the affected areas to calm the irritation and reduce inflammation. Eaten raw, it works as well.


Starting the day with a bowlful of fiber rich oats helps keep constipation at bay. Fiber helps in minimizing inflammation and soothes bleeding hemorrhoids. Having a fiber rich diet brings comfort from the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids.


Elderberry calms the inflammation and the burning irritation. This herb can be crushed, then mixed with warm water and applied to the impacted areas, using a cotton ball or soft gauze. It can be left in place for a few hours, if possible.



figsHemorrhoids are often caused by and definitely aggravated by constipation. Figs are an effective natural remedy for constipation. The skins of figs are a rich source of fiber, so figs are best consumed with their skins. An alternative is dried figs, as they don’t perish as easily as fresh figs, but are just as effective for constipation.



Water is great for cleansing the system. Constipation aggravates hemorrhoids. Drinking an adequate amount of water every day helps flushing out toxins and brings relief from constipation. If you can’t stand the taste of plain water, fresh fruit juices are an excellent alternative.


Vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar, calms the inflammation and irritation that are typical of hemorrhoids. Vinegar can be applied directly to the affected areas. To avoid a mess, it’s best to soak a cotton ball in vinegar, before applying.

Vitamin Cvitamin c

Citrus Fruits, such as oranges, are loaded with Vitamin C, and help in strengthening blood vessels. Papaya is an excellent Vitamin C rich alternative.


Hemorrhoids are painful to live with. Natural remedies offer healing and comfort from hemorrhoids and the distress of its symptoms. Natural remedies, combined with dietary changes and an active lifestyle, help calm and heal hemorrhoids.

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Simple Acne Home Treatment Suggestions

Having acne on your face is one of the things people dread about. Not only does it make you look hideous, it also shows your lack of care for your face to everyone. If you’re experiencing acne problems right now and you’re searching for a way to treat them rather than spend a huge amount of money for the effort, here are some suggestions you can try out.

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Cold Water

best-face-washThe first acne home treatment you can try out involves the use of cold water. All you have to do is get a bowl that will fit your face and fill it with cold water. After you have accomplished that, put your face inside the bowl of cold water stay there for 25 seconds. Repeat it for a couple of times during the day and continue doing to for several days. This will freeze all acne activity on your face and makes it easier for them to stop growing.


Soap Mixture

The next treatment suggestion you can try is using a soap mixture for your acne problem. All you need to do is obtain a bar of soap and place it into a container. Afterwards, get a cup of boiled water and pour into the container with a bar of soap in it. Cover the soap mixture and keep it in a safe place for two to three days or until the soap bar has been fully dissolved by the hot water. Once the soap has been dissolved, use the mixture to wash your face. Before you do that, though, make sure your face is free from oil. Once you’re done spreading the mixture on your face, rinse it using a face sponge until your face is thoroughly cleaned. Repeat the cleaning process two times a day for several days and you’ll see the pimples slowly fading away.

Beautiful young woman washing face --- Image by © Blue Jean Images/Corbis

Beautiful young woman washing face — Image by © Blue Jean Images/Corbis

Aspirin/Cold Cream

The last treatment option you can use involves aspirin, an easy ingredient to acquire, and some cold cream. You just need to crush an aspirin tablet finely and mix it with the cold cream. After doing this step, spread the aspirin/cold cream mixture on your face and leave it there for three to five minutes. Once the given amount of time has expired, rinse your face with water until all traces of the said mixture is cleaned way. Preferably, this should be done before you go to sleep at night.

Treating acne doesn’t need to be expensive. All you need to do is look for simple household ingredients the discipline to apply these solutions regularly. If you accomplish these things, your acne problems will be gone sooner than what you’ve expected.

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Exercise for Weight Loss

The most effective exercise for weight loss strength training and cardiovascular activities. If you can not or do not like to walk or run , you can ride a bike , roller blade or swim . To successfully and well performing these exercises , do not forget to relax and exercise intensity – all have completed properly and with the same effort. During the training you need to get tired and sweat .


Simple and effective exercises :

Abs on the Ball – lie face down on the ball , feet hip -width apart so that your toes touch the floor, and hands that they may be at the back . Lift the body with the ball keeping your spine straight and slowly return to the starting position .

Reverse Crunches – lying on your back , stretch your legs in the air while your hands are on the side. Slowly lower your legs down until you feel that your lower back slowly not be separated from the floor . Hold this position and slowly return to the starting .

Squats – apart your feet hip-width so that your feet turned outward and slightly bend your knees . Imagine going to sit by and stay crouched until your thighs are parallel to the floor . Keep your spine straight .

Push-ups – lie face down on the floor and rely on your toes while your hands are under your shoulders . Lower yourself until your elbows are not at right angles , stop and return to the starting position . You can rely on your feet and knees to make it even easier .

Breakthrough – while standing up straight , put your hands on your hips and make it a bigger step forward. In a step forward down the opposite knee all the way to the floor and sprawled hold the plane with a joint . To return to the starting position carefully and slowly pushed himself back .

Dolphin – lie on your stomach tao that your feet are connected , and forearms on the floor . Lift the abdomen , hips and buttocks and lift the toes and take a position ‘ boards ‘ , but make sure that your butt is not too prominent .

Every day, take 30 minutes of exercise and 30 minutes for recreation. Do not forget to breathe properly and deeply through all the exercises , and only worked after 30 minutes , drink water .